Art Update

Switching to English on a whim, just like updating my art section on a similar whim out of the searing blue. Call it destiny, circumstance, sheer drunken madness or zen metaphor, but English is just too aggressively vast and, as the saying goes, as pure as “a cribhouse whore. […] on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.” (James D. Nicoll – this roleplaying store owner I’ve just found on the Internet).

Attention, Wall of Text.

So I’m back, ready the fanfares, open the canisters, unleash the feast, start the blogging.

If you’d please notice the title, the latest stuff is an art update. Just click the My Art section and you’ll be redirected to the proper page, thank you for browsing. I’m somewhat underwhelmed by my progress during my time off-blogging, but what can you do. Got a new tablet, a new PC, set up the scene for an art frenzy, ended up watching Game of Thrones and sketching a Bounty Hunter in Painter – not exactly the ideal I’ve been aiming for, but I’ll just call them baby steps.  Anyway, I’m quite proud of my sketching skills, and WordPress has this neat cool feature which allows me to caption my images (yay!) so I can boast in my gallery (yay!!) of every new art skill I’ve developed (yay!!!).  Most have been done in Photoshop, while pondering the fact that contrast is everything. But we’ll deal with contrast in a later post (because, why not, I can write an article on contrast, sure I can).

Now, back to our current sudden schedule, I’ve been following these sites. Note: if you’re not interested in concept art, Photoshopping and/or various pretty pictures on the Internet, please stop reading.

1. – the place for concept inspiration and quite a bundle of pretty pictures.

2. – time-oriented brilliant art tutorials. Enjoyed every minute of discussions about shaping, sketching, and otherwise making things look cool.

3. – not really a new thing in Romanian trends, Creative Monkeys has a lot more to offer than the Robotzi or MiEZ series. They include a wide array of artistic displays, gathered from all the corners of the web. A source of inspiration like no other. – at times amateurish, at times professional, this site offers another storm of inspirational images. Get ready for some weird stuff, however, as the lifeforms therein tend to surpass certain boundaries you didn’t know were there.

5. – someone’s space, somebody’s frontier. These guys don’t really care about text, they just blast you with a starload of images. Inspiration for those with a technical orientation, or those who appreciate science-fiction landscapes. I, for one, find them brilliant. Included are some of the finest works of late Ralph McQuarrie.

You are now past the wall of text. Congrats.

Cheers oh ye faithful readers and spambots, I hope I’m not here for a short while.

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4 Responses to Art Update

  1. Alexandru Florin Iosif - Lazăr says:

    Nice to see you’re drawing again.

  2. Robert says:

    Thanks. It’s been a while.

  3. Dorin says:

    Wohooo, I actually read your entire post!
    You lazy bastard! Write, write, write god damn it!!!

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